Hot-Scot tamales!

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[Illustration by Tripp Spurlock]

Tulsans sure do love their tamales.

Each year, the Tulsa Metro Pipe Band and our amazing band-mamacita Nora Raz whip up a batch of delicious tamales, which we sell in order to raise funds to help buy our equipment and fund our travel to regional Highland Games. Well, this year we broke all our previous sales records – within 8 hours on Wednesday, all 30 dozen of our tamales had been pre-ordered!

So, we’ll be rolling up our sleeves and cooking all those piping-hot tamales on November 11/12, delivering them fresh to you on Monday, November 13. We’re also thinking maybe we ought to do a second tamale-cook-a-thon before the end of the year.....

We are so grateful for the loyal and generous support of our friends, colleagues, and family members. You are the best!